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28th Annual Great Wall International Cardiology Conference (GW-ICC)

12–15 October 2017, Beijing, China

Cordyceps Sinensis prevents contrast-induced nephropathy in diabetic rats by inhibiting p38 MAPK and Akt/mTOR/P70S6K signaling pathways
Authors: Kai Zhao Qiaoying Gao Kai Zhao

Exercise training modulation of inward rectifier potassium channels and control blood pressure in hypertensive rats
Authors: Chun Zi Jin Wenbo Liu Lan Cui

Surgical treatments for giant left atrium in patients with valvular diseases
Authors: Siyi He Hui Ouyang Jinbao Zhang

Protective Effect of Physcion on Homocysteine-induced Endothelial Dysfunction via Activation of PI3-kinase/Akt- and Ca2+-eNOS-NO Pathway
Authors: Hangji Lyu Xiaowei Ji Ziqi Zhou Mei Zhuang Qingqing Yang Songnan Jin Kyungwoo Cho Jinfu Wen

Predictors of TAVI-associated bleeding and its impact on short-term mortality
Authors: Jiayang Wang Yujie Zhou

Association of CHADS2 and CHA2DS2-VASc Scores with acute myocardial infarction with Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation
Authors: Hui Pang Bing Han Hui Pang

A novel machine-learning model for identification of significant coronary artery disease
Authors: Gang Wang Ya Gao Feng Xu Jiali Wang Benteng Ma Genshan Ma Yong Xia Yuguo Chen

Liver X receptor agonist T0901317 ameliorates sepsis-induced myocardial injury and dysfunction: the role of SIRT1 signaling
Authors: Han Dong Chen Jiangwei Cao Feng

Angiotensin-(1-7) Inhibits Angiotensin II-Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase-8 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Authors: Feng Zhang Sufang Li Juxian Song Hong Chen Feng Zhang

The prognostic analysis of elderly high-risk severe aortic stenosis treated by different therapy procedure
Authors: Yunqing Ye

3D Echocardiographic evaluation of the association between pulmonary hypertension and right ventricle function in patients with severe rheumatic mitral stenosis
Authors: Jingjing Liu Lingyun Fang

Pyr1-Apelin 13 is a negative modulator of angiotensin II-mediated adverse myocardial hypertrophy, remodeling and fibrosis
Authors: Jiuchang ZHONG Zhenzhou Zhang Haiyan Jin Wang Wang Yuwen Cheng Xueyi Chen Yingle Xu Bei Song Josef M Penninger Gavin Y Oudit Jiuchang Zhong

Association between homocysteine levels and calcific aortic valve disease: a meta-analysis
Authors: Qingchun Zeng Guandi Wu Jiayi Xian Jun Li Die Zhu Ruxia Liang Xi Yang Jiaying Li Ying Huang Yan Tu Dingli Xu

Reference value measurements of tracheal cross-sectional area in fetuses between 22 and 32 weeks
Authors: Hui Zhang Yanling Zhan Aohua Zhang Junlin Zhong Rongqin Zheng

Value of Three Dimensional Strain Imaging on Assessing Left Ventricular Systolic Function and Predicting Short-term Outcome in Chronic Aortic Regurgitation undergoing Valve Replacement Surgery
Authors: LI Yuan Mingxing Xie

Rationale and design of the randomized controlled trial of intensive versus usual ECG screening for atrial fibrillation in elderly Chinese by an automated ECG system in the community health centre in Shanghai (AF-CATCH)
Authors: Yi Chen Jiguang Wang

Plasma HDL-C Responses to Endurance Exercise Training: Is It a “wonder” Drug? A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Authors: Runlu Sun Canxia Huang Jieyu Jiang Jinlan Bao Yuling Zhang

Cardiac Hemodynamics and Mechanical Function of Left Atrial in Swine with Interatrial Conduction Delay
Authors: Jieling Cai Yumin Sun

Seipin deficiency causes renal injury and reversed both by adipose tissue transplantation and leptin respectively in mice
Authors: Xuejing Liu Wei Huang

Effects of Comprehensive Lifestyle Intervention on Cardiovascular Health Behaviors and Factors in Male ­Workers in Kailuan Community
Authors: Feng Wang Dayi Hu

Association of secreted frizzled-related protein 4 (SFRP4) expression in human epicardial adipose tissue with coronary atherosclerosis
Authors: Yu Du Qingwei Ji Yingxin Zhao Zhijian Wang Jianwei Zhang Yujie Zhou

The impact of optimal medical therapy on prognosis of patients with coronary atherosclerosis
Authors: Jingwen Yong Yujie Zhou Zhijian Wang

The influence of social support on health outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndrome: a prospective study from China
Authors: Sha Lei DayiHu LiWang RongjingDing

Berberine attenuates cardaic fibrosis via downregulating IGF1R in diabetic rats
Authors: Guohua Li Ling Dong Feng Gao

Comparative Study of Thrombolysis with PCI and Primary PCI on Coronary Microcirculation in patients with Anterior STEMI
Authors: Yuyang Xiao Xiangming Li Xianghua Fu

Advanced oxidation protein products exacerbates cardiac remodeling via cardiomyocyte apoptosis in chronic kidney disease
Authors: Weijing Feng Wanbing He Yinyin Zhang Mongheng Wang Jingfeng Wang Kun Zhang Yu Liu Jie Chen Qingqing Cai Hui Huang

Associations between aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) rs671 genetic polymorphisms, lifestyles and diabetes risk in Chinese Han people
Authors: Cong Ma Bingxiang Yu Qiang Zeng

The mechanism of α7nAChR mediated cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway in the vagal nerve regulated atrial fibrillation
Authors: Shujuan Zhang Shudi Zhang Zixuan Dai Hongyi Zhao Yongsheng Qian Youjing Zhang Youcheng Wang Bo He Yanhong Tang Xi Wang Teng Wang He Huang Qingyan Zhao Congxin Huang

Discovery of dynamical network biomarkers (DNB) during the progression of atherosclerosis using multiple omic techniques and systems biology
Authors: Jing Ge Xiaoya Fan Xinli Xue Gaopeng Li Shanshan Zhong Xia Shen Huiyong Yin Luonan Chen

A Novel Mechanism Underlying Energy Metabolic Disorders in Failing Heart: Defective Branched Chain Amino Acid Catabolism-Induced Mitochondrial Metabolic Enzyme Hyper-Succinylation
Authors: Fuyang Zhang Xiyao Chen Xinliang Ma Jianming Pei Ling Tao

Preliminary study on the role of AKAP1 in the development of diabetes mellitus
Authors: Fengzhou Liu Lele JI Fei LI

Inhibition of TRPA1 prevents Adriamycin-induced acute cardiotoxicity through suppression of oxidative stress and inflammation responses
Authors: Zhen Wang Menglong Wang Jianfang Liu Jing Ye Yao Xu Huimin Jiang Jun Wan

Updating 10-year atherosclerotic cardiovascular risk assessment equation for Chinese adults
Authors: Miao Wang Jing Liu Wei Wang Jun Liu Jiayi Sun Yue Qi Ying Wang Yongchen Hao Lanping Qin Mengge Zhou Shen Gao Dong Zhao

Echinacoside protects against high glucose-induced oxidative stress in vascular endothelial cells through Nrf2/HO-1 dependent pathway
Authors: Jiahong Xue Zhu canzhan Anqi Song Jiahong Xue

Drug-Eluting Balloon Versus Bare-Mental Stent and Drug-Eluting Stent for De Novo Coronary Artery Disease: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Authors: Konyong Cui Shuzheng LYU

Melatonin sustained-released cardiac patch improves functional survival of transplanted bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells after myocardial infarction in rats
Authors: Jiangwei Chen Dong Han Hongbing Deng Feng Cao

Exercise-derived and exosome-mediated miR-342-5p: a novel exerokine protects against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury
Authors: Zuoxu Hou Feng Gao

Application of genome-wide microarray analysis technology to explore the neuroprotection mechanism of ­hypothermia after cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Authors: Dezhi Zou Xuan Dai Chunlin Hu

28th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC), 2017, News: China PERT Consortium Launched; Chairman, Professor Nie Shaoping

28th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC), 2017, News: Establishment of Cardiovascular Experts Committee of National Health and Family Planning Commission for Capacity Improvement and Continuous Education

28th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC), 2017, News: Establishment of China Heart Society (CHS)

28th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC), 2017, News: ‘Great Wall Young Doctor Award’ and Chinese American Heart Association (CNAHA) ‘Young Investigator Award’ Announced

28th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC), 2017, News: Multidisciplinary PERT treatment of pulmonary embolism

28th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC), 2017, News: RVOT CARE Study curative effect evaluation of right ventricular septum pacing in preventing cardiac functional insufficiency

28th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC), 2017, News: T3D Green Electrophysiology Technology and Interventional Surgery

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