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Digoxin and Heart Failure: Are We Clear Yet?
Author: Miller, Alan

Cardiovascular Guidelines, Board Review Questions and Cardiovascular Trainees
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Do Modern Imaging Studies Trump Cardiovascular Physical Exam in Cardiac Patients?
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Mitral Stenosis: A Review
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Takotsubo Syndrome: Does the Octopus Trap Hide Dangers?
Author: Bugiardini, Raffaele

Telemedicine: Its Importance in Cardiology Practice. Experience in Chile
Author: Escobar, Edgardo

Sudden Cardiac Death in Adult Patients with Stable Ischemic Heart Disease
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GWICC) and Relationship to the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the New Journal, CVIA
Author: Conti, Richard

Hypertrophic “Obstructive” Cardiomyopathy: Role of Systolic Anterior Motion of the Mitral Valve
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Precision Medicine vs Medical Judgement
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Some thoughts about Impact Factor and Journal Editorials
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Latest Issue – CVIA Journal Volume 1 Number 4

This special issue which focuses on Cardiovascular Risk Factors has been Guest Edited by Ezra A. Amsterdam of the University of California Davis. It brings together contributions from leading cardiologists from the United States, China and Europe.

pp. 367-368(2)
Author: Amsterdam, Ezra A.

Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease
pp. 369-377(9)
Authors: Estel, Christopher; Conti, C. Richard

Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
pp. 379-389(11)
Authors: Eapen, Danny J.; Schultz, William M.; Heinl, Robert E.; Ghasemzadeh, Nima; Varghese, Tina; Kurian, Diana E.; Mathai, Christina E.; Sandesara, Pratik; Kindya, Bryan R.; Allard-Ratick, Marc P.; Bhatia, Neal K.; Isiadinso, Ijeoma; Sperling, Laurence

Smoking and Passive Smoking
pp. 391-398(8)
Author: Luepker, Russell V.

ACC/AHA Guidelines for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Cholesterol Management: Implications of New Therapeutic Agents
pp. 399-408(10)
Author: Wong, Nathan D.

Management of Hypertension: JNC 8 and Beyond
pp. 409-416(8)
Authors: Amsterdam, Ezra A.; Venugopal, Sandhya; Bui, Jonathan; Thevakumar, Balasingam; Thinda, Angela; Virk, Sabrina; Bommer, William J.; Khullar, Aman; Singh, Gagan

Psychosocial Risk Factors and Cardiovascular Disease: Epidemiology, Screening, and Treatment Considerations
pp. 417-431(15)
Author: Rozanski, Alan

The Gut Microbiota and Atherosclerosis: The State of the Art and Novel Perspectives
pp. 433-442(10)
Authors: Rosa, Giulio La; Biasucci, Luigi Marzio

Inflammasomes and Atherosclerosis
pp. 443-450(8)
Authors: Vallurupalli, S.; Dai, Yao; Mehta, J. L.

Outcome Trials in the Therapeutic Management of Hypertension in East Asians
pp. 451-459(9)
Authors: Wang, Ji-Guang; Li, Yan

What Do We Mean by “Preventive Medicine”?
pp. 461-463(3)
Author: Conti, C. Richard

The 2013 ACC/AHA Guidelines on Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes: Implications for Statin Use and Dose vs. Target
pp. 465-467(3)
Author: Smith, SidneyC

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