Volume 2 Number 3

CVIA Journal Volume 2 Number 3

Takotsubo Syndrome: Does the Octopus Trap Hide Dangers? 
pp. 311-324(14)
Authors: Bergami, Maria; Amaduzzi, Peter Louis; Bugiardini, Raffaele

Telemedicine: Its Importance in Cardiology Practice. Experience in Chile 
pp. 325-331(7)
Authors: Escobar, Edgardo; Akel, Carlos

Digoxin and Heart Failure: Are We Clear Yet? 
pp. 333-345(13)
Authors: Gupta, Amit; Dakkak, Melissa; Miller, Alan

Role of Cholesterol Crystals During Acute Myocardial Infarction and Cerebrovascular Accident 
pp. 347-362(16)
Authors: Kalavakunta, Jagadeesh K.; Mittal, Mayank K.; Janoudi, Abed; Abela, Oliver G.; Alreefi, Fadi; Abela, George S.

pp. 363-364(2)
Author: Conti, C. Richard
Infective Endocarditis: A Review of the Past and Present, and a Look into the Future 
pp. 365-372(8)
Authors: Jeng, Eric I-Hun; John Hall, David; Matthews, Caleb; Ward Manning, Eddie III; Mark Beaver, Thomas

Evaluation of Multidisciplinary Collaborative Care in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome and Depression and/or Anxiety Disorders 
pp. 373-385(13)
Authors: Liang, Feng; Ma, Xiuhua; Zhao, Liuzhuang; Xing, Chengwei; Li, Xin; Zhao, Dongjing; Hu, Da-Yi; Hu, Shuoqiang; Wang, Wenbin; Han, Lantang; Cao, Shujun; Liu, Huifang; Bian, Zhengyu

Chronic Kidney Disease is a New Target of Cardiac Rehabilitation 
pp. 387-393(7)
Authors: Kohzuki, Masahiro; Ito, Osamu

Occlusive Spasm of the Left Anterior Descending Artery and First Diagonal Branch After Implantation of Everolimus Eluting Stents Without Re-stenosis in a Female Patient with Resting Angina 
pp. 395-397(3)
Authors: Pirozzolo, Giancarlo; Athanasiadis, Anastasios; Sechtem, Udo; Ong, Peter

Some thoughts about Impact Factor and Journal Editorials 
pp. 399-401(3)
Author: Conti, C. Richard

To TAVR or Not to TAVR 
pp. 403-405(3)
Author: Conti, C. Richard

Relationship Between Morning Hypertension and T-Peak to T-End Interval in Patients with Suspected Coronary Heart Disease 
pp. 407-414(8)
Authors: Wei, Lili; Qi, Datun; Shi, Yong’en; Gao, Chuanyu; Liu, Weili