Volume 1 Number 4

pp. 367-368(2)
Author: Amsterdam, Ezra A.

Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease
pp. 369-377(9)
Authors: Estel, Christopher; Conti, C. Richard

Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
pp. 379-389(11)
Authors: Eapen, Danny J.; Schultz, William M.; Heinl, Robert E.; Ghasemzadeh, Nima; Varghese, Tina; Kurian, Diana E.; Mathai, Christina E.; Sandesara, Pratik; Kindya, Bryan R.; Allard-Ratick, Marc P.; Bhatia, Neal K.; Isiadinso, Ijeoma; Sperling, Laurence

Smoking and Passive Smoking
pp. 391-398(8)
Author: Luepker, Russell V.

ACC/AHA Guidelines for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Cholesterol Management: Implications of New Therapeutic Agents
pp. 399-408(10)
Author: Wong, Nathan D.

Management of Hypertension: JNC 8 and Beyond
pp. 409-416(8)
Authors: Amsterdam, Ezra A.; Venugopal, Sandhya; Bui, Jonathan; Thevakumar, Balasingam; Thinda, Angela; Virk, Sabrina; Bommer, William J.; Khullar, Aman; Singh, Gagan

Psychosocial Risk Factors and Cardiovascular Disease: Epidemiology, Screening, and Treatment Considerations
pp. 417-431(15)
Author: Rozanski, Alan

The Gut Microbiota and Atherosclerosis: The State of the Art and Novel Perspectives
pp. 433-442(10)
Authors: Rosa, Giulio La; Biasucci, Luigi Marzio

Inflammasomes and Atherosclerosis
pp. 443-450(8)
Authors: Vallurupalli, S.; Dai, Yao; Mehta, J. L.

Outcome Trials in the Therapeutic Management of Hypertension in East Asians
pp. 451-459(9)
Authors: Wang, Ji-Guang; Li, Yan

What Do We Mean by “Preventive Medicine”?
pp. 461-463(3)
Author: Conti, C. Richard

The 2013 ACC/AHA Guidelines on Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes: Implications for Statin Use and Dose vs. Target
pp. 465-467(3)
Author: Smith, SidneyC