Volume 1 Number 1

Volume 1, Number 1,  October 2015

Editorial by the Founding Editor
pp. 1-2(2)
Author: Hu, Dayi

A Clinician’s Commentary on Heart Failure Treatment in the Future
pp. 3-4(2)
Author:Conti, C. Richard

Strategies to Reduce Heart Failure Hospitalizations and Readmissions: How Low Can We Go?
pp. 5-12(8)
Author: Aranda, Juan M.

Congestive Heart Failure Clinics: How to Make Them Work in a Community-Based Hospital System
pp. 13-18(6)
Authors: Larned, Joshua; Kabach, Mohamad; Tamariz, Leonardo; Raimondo, Kristine

Heart Failure Issues and Management: A European Perspective
pp. 19-27(9)
Authors: Dominguez-Rodriguez, Alberto; Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Julia; Belleyo-Belkasem, Carima; Abreu-Gonzalez, Pedro

Unusual Cardiomyopathies: Some May Be More Usual Than Previously Thought and Simply Underdiagnosed
pp. 29-36(8)
Author: Smart, Frank W.

Cardiac Sarcoidosis: Sorting Fact from Fiction in This Rare Cardiomyopathy
pp. 37-45(9)
Authors: Rajapreyar, Indranee; Langlois, Elizabeth

Epidemiological Study of Heart Failure in China
pp. 47-55(9)
Authors: Guo, Yang; Zhao, Dong; Liu, Jing

Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring for Heart Failure: A New Era of Heart Failure Management
pp. 57-64(8)
Authors: Hernandez, Gabriel A.; Navas, Viviana; Chaparro, Sandra

The Evaluation of the Heart Failure Patient by Echocardiography: Time to go beyond the Ejection Fraction
pp. 65-80(16)
Authors: Dowe, Jacqueline Dawson; Vilaro, Juan; Hamilton, Karen; Szady, Anita; Aranda, Juan M.

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and the Failing Ventricle: Getting It Right
pp. 81-91(11)
Authors: Mandras, Stacy A.; Oleck, Sylvia; Ventura, Hector O.

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in 2015: Lessons Learned
pp. 93-106(14)
Authors: Ketha, Siva; Kusumoto, Fred M.

Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Therapy: A Focused Review on Optimal Patient Selection and Long-Term Follow-up Using Echocardiography
pp. 107-118(12)
Authors: Vilaro, Juan R.; Szady, Anita; Ahmed, Mustafa M.; Dawson, Jacqueline; Aranda, Juan M.

Mechanical Circulatory Support for the Failing Heart: Which Device to Choose
pp. 119-127(9)
Authors: Ahmed, Mustafa; Alvarez, Rene

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