KSCMS @ GW-ICC Joint Forum – Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC) 2017 – How to Use Statins to Maximize Cardiometabolic Benefits

It has become a tradition for world renowned cardiology associations to send delegations to GW-ICC congresses. Cooperation with these international societies is not limited to their attendance at GW-ICC; GW-ICC also holds reciprocal academic sessions at the annual meetings of these eminent societies to introduce important Chinese academic research.

At the 28th GW-ICC in 2017, the Korean Society of Cardio metabolic Syndrome (KSCMS) held a Joint Forum. A video of one of these 2017 sessions is now available to view on the GW-ICC YouTube channel:

How to Use Statins to Maximize Cardiometabolic Benefits

Presenter: Kwang Kon Koh, MD, PhD, FACC, Gachon University of Korea, Incheon, South Korea.

Dr Kon Koh discusses statin guidelines to maximise cardiometabolic benefits:

Primary prevention

  • Without risk factors for diabetes: low (for Asian) or optimal (for Caucasian) dose statins alone.
  • Without risk factors for diabetes: low or optimal dose statins +/- ezetimbe combined with RAAS blockades or PPARa agonists to reduce diabetogenic effects of statins.

Secondary prevention

  • In acute coronary syndrome state: potent high dose statins +/- ezetimbe/PCSK9 inhibitors/inclisiran because cardiovascular benefits of statins exceed diabetogenic or other risks.
  • In stable coronary artery diseases: optimal dose statins +/- ezetimbe combined with RAAS blockades or PPARa

Further information on the 29th GW-ICC, to be held October 11th -14th, 2018, in Beijing, China, is available on the congress website:


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