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CVIA Editorial Board Meeting GW-ICC October 2017

GW-ICC, Beijing, China, October 13th 2017

List of Attendees

Richard Conti, Sidney Smith, Jun Cai, Pengyu Cao, Yihan Chen, Jie Du, Xi Du, Chuanyu Gao, Hangyuan Guo, Yifang Guo, Kui Hong, Dayi Hu, Jing Huang, Hong Jiang, Jianjun Jiang, Chenyang Jiang, Hongwei Li, Jing Li, Nanfang Li, Tianchang Li, Yong Li, Xinli Li, Yuhua Liao, Yin Liu, Chengzhi Lu, Changsheng Ma, Shaoping Nie, Yingxian Sun, Daowen Wang, Jiguang Wang, Huang Wang, Shulin Wu, Biao Xu, Bo Yu, Zuyi Yuan, Xiaofei Zhang, Dong Zhao, Zhe Zheng, Guang Zhi

CVIA Editorial board members

CVIA Editorial Board Members Present

On October 13, 2017, Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (CVIA) editorial board meeting was held at the China National Convention Center during the 28th Great Wall International Cardiology Conference (GW-ICC). The meeting was hosted by CVIA Editor-in-Chief, C. Richard Conti and attended by Professor Hu Dayi, Professor Ma Changsheng among more than forty other editorial board members.

Prof. C. Richard Conti

Prof. C. Richard Conti

Professor Conti reminded all in attendance that as the official journal of the GW-ICC, CVIA is the first English language journal published from China to disseminate Chinese cardiovascular clinical research.

As CVIA develops, the journal has recently added new Editorial Board members including ESC Chairman, Professor Jeroen J. Bax. CVIA publishes quarterly since its launch in 2015, and has published 7 special issues since then covering topics such as heart failure and electrophysiology. CVIA is currently preparing special issues on subjects such as heart valve disease, anticoagulation/antiplatelet therapy, adult congenital heart disease, female heart disease, Stable ischemic heart disease and other topics of emerging research interest. Professor Conti stressed that, first and foremost, CVIA focuses on clinical applications.

Professor Conti reiterated the need for the strong support of the Chinese members of the editorial board, including article submissions, article reviewing, increasing readership/raising awareness of the journal, and strengthening links with various Chinese heart disease associations.

Morgan Lyons Compuscript

Morgan Lyons, Compuscript

Morgan Lyons, Compuscript

Compuscript is the publisher of CVIA, General Manager Morgan Lyons, noted that all manuscripts were uploaded online very shortly after article acceptance and are indexed by Google Scholar immediately. CVIA is indexed by DOAJ among other indexing organizations and applications for indexing have been submitted to Pubmed and ESCI during 2017. Through the official channels, social media, Trend MD and Science Open and other promotion, CVIA article abstracts downloads have increased steadily since 2015 and Twitter followers have increased by 840 cardiovascular researchers during 2017.

Prof Hu Dayi

Professor Hu Dayi

Professor Hu Dayi

Professor Hu Dayi stated that CVIA intends to become an important platform to showcase cardiovascular research in China and to promote international exchange of expert opinion. Professor Dayi called on all Chinese editorial board members to provide high-level comment and review articles, to promote the journal through all social media outlets and to support the peer review process of the journal. Professor Conti agreed with Professor Dayi’s comments and noted that it is also important to encourage young researchers to write papers and submit them to CVIA.

Prof. Sidney Smith

Professor Sidney Smith

Professor Sidney Smith

Sidney Smith, former chairman of the American Heart Association, said that he and Professor Conti have been participating in the GW-ICC congress for 25 years and have witnessed the development of Chinese cardiovascular research during that time. Since its launch in 2015, CVIA has also greatly supported the dissemination of cardiovascular research developments in China in conjunction with GW-ICC.

Hu Dai Sidney Smith Ma Changsheng

Professor Hu Dai, Professor Sidney Smith, and Professor Ma Changsheng

( a-c) Editorial Board Members in attendance at the Editorial Board Meeting

attendees at editorial board meeting


attendees at editorial board meeting


attendees at editorial board meeting


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