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Epidemiological Study of Heart Failure in China

Epidemiological Study of Heart Failure in China Authors: Guo, Yang; Zhao, Dong; Liu, Jing Heart failure (HF) is a complex clinical syndrome that results from any structural or functional impairment of ventricular filling or ejection of blood. HF is one of the most important and severe end stages of many cardiovascular diseases. Epidemiological studies of HF have […]

Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Cardiac Sarcoidosis: Sorting Fact from Fiction in This Rare Cardiomyopathy Authors: Rajapreyar, Indranee; Langlois, Elizabeth Sarcoidosis is a rare condition of granulomatous infiltration of many tissues of the body, including the heart. Cardiac sarcoidosis has been challenging to study, as it is often asymptomatic, although the initial presentation can be sudden cardiac death. The incidence and […]

Unusual Cardiomyopathies

Unusual Cardiomyopathies: Some May Be More Usual Than Previously Thought and Simply Underdiagnosed Author: Smart, Frank W. Heart failure is the most common cause of hospitalization in the United States. Just as the prevalence of heart failure has increased, the number of diseases identified that result in the heart failure syndrome has escalated. Certain cardiomyopathies […]

Heart Failure Issues and Management: A European Perspective

Authors: Dominguez-Rodriguez, Alberto; Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Julia; Belleyo-Belkasem, Carima; Abreu-Gonzalez, Pedro Heart failure poses an increasing problem for global health care systems. The epidemiological data which have been accrued over the last 30 years have predominantly been accumulated from experience within North America and Europe. The European experience in heart failure, although similar to that in North America, has recently […]

Editorial by the Founding Editor

Editorial by the Founding Editor Author: Hu, Dayi  When China opened its doors to the world 26 years ago, there were very few cardiology meetings organized in China with an international outlook. Shortly thereafter, in 1990, the Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC) held its inaugural meeting. In its first few years, the main […]

Heart Failure Treatment in the Future

A Clinician’s Commentary on Heart Failure Treatment in the Future Author: Conti, C. Richard Standard Therapy for Heart Failure Until now the principal focus of heart failure therapy has been on the sympathetic nervous system and the renin-angiotensin system. Beta blockade counters the unwanted effects of catecholamines on the myocardium as well as moderately reducing […]

Strategies to Reduce Heart Failure Hospitalizations and Readmissions

Strategies to Reduce Heart Failure Hospitalizations and Readmissions: How Low Can We Go? Author: Aranda, Juan M. It is estimated that more than one million heart failure hospitalizations occur each year. Systolic heart failure and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction contribute equally to heart failure hospitalizations. Heart failure readmission rates continue to be about […]

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Inaugural Issue of Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications Journal Launches with Special Issue on Heart Failure. Beijing, October 21, 2015: The new journal Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (CVIA) has been launched with a Special Issue on Heart Failure. CVIA was founded on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Great Wall-International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC) in 2014 by […]

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